Our Vision

Every person with Diabetes Mellitus will have a healthy life

Our Mission


Diabetic individuals are our focus for whom we continue to advance islet cell transplantation and we are working through research, education, and innovative care to put an end to diabetes for their lifetime.

Our Values

  • Innovation in research

  • teamwork

  • Quality management system

  • leadership

Our Goals
  • To accomplish pancreatic islet transplantation in humans, in the near future

  • To help diabetics to  confront and overcome their disease and complications in order to  improve their quality of life .

  • Provide high-quality, cost-effective, integrated personal health care and counseling services to our community.

  • Serve as the university public health and health promotion resources.

  • Maintain a highly qualified, high performance, diverse staff in a work environment that encourages teamwork, mutual respect, and trust and creates a common sense of purpose and shared vision.

  • Provide quality facilities and equipment to support evolving researches and services.

  • Assure financial viability to support our mission



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